by Alan Williams and Lea Katsanis The pharmaceutical industry is understandably at the centre of the response to a global pandemic and it could prove to be a watershed moment for the sector. The CEOs of nine pharmaceutical companies recently signed a letter vowing only to seek emergency approval of their experimental coronavirus vaccines after they prove […]

By Pete Westall I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute to a blog for the Global Values Alliance to help celebrate World Values Day. It seems particularly fitting, given how values are so central to Co-operatives across the world and given my Executive role as Chief Values Officer for Midcounties Co-operative, one of the […]

By Stephen Berkeley There is renewed interest in organisational values. “Living not laminating your values,” says Mary Myatt. I wrote here about turning values “from posters on the walls to conversations in the halls”. The interplay between organisational, personal and community values, is not given much importance. Finding the heartbeat of your organisation is critical. After all, organisations […]

By Charlotte Valeur I often observe people, who have no conscious clarity of their own values, discussing the purpose and values of a business. Purpose is today’s buzz word in the business world but to arrive at anything resembling purpose there has to be clarity of the values within the senior leadership team driving the […]

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By K M Pathi Every occupation has a fundamental goal, and the end always inevitably is to serve humans; for instance, doctors’ goal is to contribute to health while judges are there to ensure fair play & justice. Similarly, Police professionals are vital to the maintenance of harmony and peace. Policing as Values-Driven Service Contrary […]

By Claire Farrow At Make A Difference we’re dedicated to putting our values into action. We’re on a mission to ensure every employer has access to the insights, inspiration and contacts they need to support a well workforce and make a difference to workplace culture, mental health and wellbeing. Through our media channel and our upcoming […]

By Robert Spector These are pictures of Mrs. Shaw and Eric Wilson; opening up a vacuum cleaner bag. Mahatma Gandhi, that noted expert on customer service, once wrote, “Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values […]

By Charles Fowler Many of us have spent the last six months stressed, anxious, and isolated. Some have had to fight for our lives, and some have lost that fight. For all of us, it has been a difficult and dangerous year. The coronavirus epidemic has turned our lives upside down, and it hasn’t finished […]