The 2020 social media campaign was a great success with record activity on various channels. On Twitter alone, the reach was 75 million people across 67 countries and there was record activity both before and on the day on LinkedIn. As in previous years, caring environments where values are constantly being put into action such as […]

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By Alexandra Egan We hear about them. We read about them. We see them on walls. On computer desktops. They’re mentioned and brought up during interviews. Occasionally spoken about in meetings. They’re handed down from generation to generation; We model behaviours around them; but what are they? According to sociologists’ “values” are “The ideals and […]

By Anne Stenbom and Helen Battersby Values indicate what is important to us and this can vary greatly from individual to individual, even individuals from the same family. Where values are held in common they can mean slightly different things. A husband and wife could share the value of “family” but to one it means […]

By Jackie Le Fèvre “It’s in an emergency that an organisation’s true values become clear” Mark Rowland for the Chartered Management Institute in April. “Covid-19 means there is more focus on people and human rights now, and we are seeing the companies that continue to look after their people – be it in their operations or supply chains – will […]

By Christiane Vogell With the need for business to become more agile corporate values have recently received a lot more attention in order to create a working environment which fosters innovation, creativity and involvement. The agile framework Scrum introduced in 2016 five values as essential for the framework to be effective. These values are: commitment, […]

How values, conscious culture and inner leadership development are necessary for a sustainable future. By Phil Clothier We never really know the ripples and impact of our words and actions. Just imagine that you are walking down the street, you pop a sweet into your mouth and without thinking you discard the plastic wrapper on […]

By Matt Tidwell, Ph.D., APR Periods of crisis are make-or-break moments for our organizations.  We’re under heavy scrutiny. We’re managing multiple fires simultaneously. We’re focused on responding appropriately while preserving our reputation. If you haven’t managed a crisis yet, odds are that you will. On the surface, it seems intuitive that a crisis situation would […]

By Prabodh Mistry All resources are connected I was recently asked to provide a reference for a colleague applying to be a manager of ‘Use Less Group’ at a world leading academic institution.  The group’s mission was to promote a transition towards a more sustainable future in which we use fewer resources.  Covid-19 restrictions have […]

By Mary Gentile The theme of World Values Day this year is “Values In Action” and this is an especially appropriate focus at a time when individuals and organizations around the world are facing unprecedented challenges from a global pandemic; from escalating impacts of climate change; from the continually growing wealth gap; from new opportunities […]

By Ed Mayo At work, we bring our personal values to what we do but to fit in, we are also prompted to behave in ways that reflect the values of our workplace. Our context is a powerful determinant of how we act. So how can we best teach or learn the right values at […]