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Bringing VALUES to Life

Express yourself - Here, Now and Wow. From the Page, to the Stage, to the Digital Age

Welcome to the Global Poetry Showcase in support of World Values Day.

We bring the worlds of values and poetry together and want to bring out the poet in everyone. This is an opportunity for people in communities all over the world to express thoughts, feelings, wishes and dreams about the topic of values.

Join with others in your community (school, family, club, company, street, village, church, group etc) to apply your creative energy into poetic words, in written, performed or digital formats. Poetry is a wonderful way to spark thinking, reflection and conversation.

The theme is Bringing VALUES to Life

Just express yourself in poetry!

Experienced poets and beginners are all welcome as are different styles and formats of poetry. You can enjoy a safe space to inspire poetry-led sharing, thinking, insight, reflection, exploration and conversation.

This is a Showcase rather than a competition so please strive to include people from all backgrounds and groups as well as providing relevant help where needed – this guide might help. We will publish a selection of poems to coincide with World Values Day celebrations in October and continue forward for a year.

Register your interest for Global Poetry Showcase 2024 to receive:

  • Global Poetry Showcase Guide: Values theme, ideas for how to spread the word, invite members of your community, write poems, how to collect and submit the poems into the showcase platform.
  • Link to pay the £25 recommended donation to cover the cost of submissions. Your donation might be more or less than £25 – you decide.  All proceeds will be reinvested in developing the Global Poetry Showcase.

Read the short community guidelines.

Invite members of your community to start writing and/or recording poems ready for submission. Plan your celebration to share poetry 1-31 October.

Use Global Poetry Showcase Submissions link poetry to share with your community members to collect your community poems. Collect your community poems between end of May and the 23rd September submission date.

Attend the Global Poetry Showcase Meet ups for creative tips and techniques for all categories GLOBAL POETRY SHOWCASE MEET & GREET Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite.

Follow up with community members to collect your community poems.

Review the poetry submissions and recognise and encourage participation.

Enter your community’s 5 chosen poems by midnight Friday 20th September (BST) 2024 with your community name, region and country plus poet’s initials only (no names please). Email to The categories are as follows for submissions (which can be written word in any language (please provide English translation), accompanied by artwork, and accompanied by a reading (any language):

  1. Pre-school
  2. Primary
  3. Secondary
  4. Further Education
  5. Adult

Collect and share your community poems (inc performance and on social media) during 1st to 31st October to celebrate World Values Day and use #WorldValuesDay #GlobalPoetryShowcase #COMMUNITY #values #poetry

The Poets Review Panel chooses a diverse selection of poems for each category. The ‘favourites’ will be published on and on 17th October 2024 and then further sets of poems selected by the Review Panel will be published each month from November 2024 to September 2025.

Please make sure the poems you submit abide by the Rules to avoid disappointment as no exceptions can be made.

Enjoy the Global Poetry Showcase and we look forward to receiving your poems!

Gentle Peace

by David Nock   Sitting thinking alone as we often do In a romantic sunset I picture me and you There are times when you’re close to me wherever you are And yet times when you’re far away when I’ve lost my heart In the moments when everything’s so beautiful and sad, The melodies flow […]

Ease, Silence and Joy

by Lauri Bower The meaning of myself is ease, silence and joy. This triad dance together rebuffing any desire to work things out, be in control or find the answer. There is no seeking, no wanting, no knowing, only waiting, watching, being. Ease, silence and joy weave together, gently untying the knots of the heart, […]


by Maryam Rajabali   ValuesJam Customizable Hoodie – Values Driven kindness is a choice that we make, that can change the world, for everyone’s sake It’s the little acts, we do, that show the world we care and follow through If it’s a smile, or a friendly wave or a word that we say that’s […]


by Verena Watson   Out of the sheer joy of being and knowing that I am, I want to sing the glory of that knowing, paint the beauty of that being, sculpt consciousness of that knowledge, be in my creations and enjoy them.

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New Category - World Values Day Song Submissions

Bringing VALUES to Life

The Global Poetry Showcase is inclusive and encourages submissions from songwriters, composers, bands, and recording artists everywhere. This is open to all, regardless of nationality, country origin or background.