Dr Prabodh Mistry has been an environmental consultant for over 30 years and involved in many R&D projects. His interest in values began over 20 years ago, when he volunteered to help teachers develop character development programmes for primary and secondary schools in the UK, culminating in serving as a Director and Chair of Governors at […]

  The words were penned (or typed), the poems were shared (or sometimes kept close to heart) and communities all over the world submitted their selected poems for consideration by the Global Poetry Showcase Review Panel. The following four poems were select ed to represent Global Poetry Show Case 2022 in support of World Values […]

  Who to turn to when the elders have lost their way I am writing this on World Values Day 20th October 2022. Our government is in collapse and our Prime Minister has resigned after just six weeks in office. The absence of the most basic human values of integrity, empathy and honesty has damaged […]

  Fear, Trust and Values By Annemieke Hartman-Jemmett Timing is opportune for both employers and employees to take a long and hard look at how to shape the future – the new. The “great resignation” is presenting businesses with key skill sourcing challenges. In addition to finding talent, there will be those that remain stuck […]

  How correcting misperceptions of our values can lead to stronger communities By Lukas Wolf and Greg Maio Around the world, there is a variety of values or ideas that people cherish as guiding principles in their lives. These values are diverse and include such ideas as health, forgiveness, helpfulness, wealth and humility. While we […]

Graphic of Acceptance by Eben Greene from Seattle, Washington   Full Team Ahead By Susan LePlae Miller Every person is an artist awaiting his or her muse. Awaiting his or her community. Awaiting his or her own sense of acceptance and belonging. For some, this feeling and sense of being never comes to fruition. The […]

How Lewes Football Club Runs on Community Values By Karen Dobres Every day players from Lewes FC Women make their way to the club’s all-weather pitch for training, where they run, bend, stretch, jump, kick and sweat. Except for Tuesday, their day off, when they relax a bit, drink coffee with friends in town, walk […]

The recognition that our organisations are living systems not machines By Fabienne Vailes To many of us who work in education, articles about our country being ‘in the grip of a mental health crisis’ won’t come as a surprise. The pandemic simply accentuated the patterns that were already there. A crisis is ‘a time of […]

Using a Values-based Approach to Education to Better Understand the Islamic Community Terence Lovat The Australian Values Education Program included a five-year longitudinal study focussed on values-based curriculum interventions in 312 schools across the country. Each intervention was guided by principles outlined in the National Framework for Values Education in Australian Schools. The principles focussed […]

How we have stuck with our Values to grow our community of brands. by Arjen Cooper-Rolfe Up until 2020 we had had great success in reconnecting with our Values. It is something we’d started more than 5 years ago and along the way some amazing things happened by getting colleagues to unite around a common […]