Why is getting the “X-ray” scan of your value system the best investment for your wellbeing By Senka Holzer, PhD Scanning your value system Based on what we learned from coaching our clients, as well as completing a rigorous scientific study, we now understand that we have not one, but two sets of values—our core […]

From a journey around the world By Dr Mandeep Kaur Rai Dhillon Photo: Inauguration by Stephen Wilkes. Commissioned by Obama for his own and the recent inauguration of Biden which was taken with flags, during the pandemic, as opposed to people. Like remembrance (of the divine) I feel as though I am always re-connecting and […]

A Personal Perspective By Callum Greenwood Working out who we are is never easy. In a world where all of our time and attention is spent navigating one pressing issue or another, we sometimes don’t give ourselves the time to catch up and reconcile who we think we are, with who the weight of our […]

3 Values to Ignite an “Inner Uprising” By PJ Jackson Home is where the heart is and during the global shelter-in-place lockdown, it is also where the COVID-19 media barrage seems to leave many of us feeling helpless and disconnected, both personally and professionally. During this time of change, home also is where you can […]

How a Purpose and Values-led Performance Culture has transformed a family run business into one of the UK’s leading employee focussed businesses with amazing results. By Arjen Cooper-Rolfe For Involvement, reconnecting with our Values doesn’t start now. We did it over 5 years ago and incredible things have happened. Just because we’re an SME, it […]

A Broader Context For Acting On Values By Linda Fisher Thornton To build good organizations and healthy communities, we will need good leaders at every level who are committed to leading with values. These values-driven leaders will need to assess their impact on multiple stakeholders as they navigate through complexity to make good decisions and […]

How the value of listening with compassion helps our world By John Dougherty When we think of values, do we value listening with an open heart and with compassion? When we listen with the compassion of our heart and soul, we are honoring what others are saying. Where is their story coming from? Are they […]

Making it happen By Dr P Tosti and Peter Lesniak Do you believe that taking responsibility is a burden you don’t have time for or a way to express your values and reconnect with the world? We discovered it was definitely the latter! This article is to share our journey as a small team of […]

If we better measure what we value, will we be better at valuing it in our collective life? By Nancy Hey This summer the UK Treasury published its guidance on Valuation of Wellbeing for use in policy making, business cases and evaluation. This guidance means that wellbeing science can be used robustly, consistently and with […]