O God! Thou art our Father, Mother, Friend. We, thy children, love thee and our parents. Thou art in our hearts and minds, And make us fearless. Thou art in Temple, Church, Mosque, everywhere, Thou art in Vedas, Bible, Koran, Gurugranth, all scriptures. O God! Thou infinite reflection is in all living beings, Love reflects […]

How long will we spend paddling in the shallows before we are prepared to risk diving deep? The ocean of bliss calls constantly to us ever-present waiting watching beckoning. The proliferation of seashells and soft, soft sand is beguiling to a mind caught up with noise. Only in the depths beneath the turbulent and constantly […]

Love: a poem and a reflection unite time (as we define it) in the inner history of a special birth-day, coming together to express soul’s insight and gift a humble parcel. As Values bring our words in a shared voice, Poetry blesses the space where silence lands these words and We honour each moment when […]