Values! Values! Hear all about it! Your roadshow is starting here! Leadership sages’ Words from the stages For those in the room And others on Zoom Roll up! Roll up! Learn all about it! Your mousemats and mugs are free! ‘Culture’, ‘values’ ‘One Team’, ‘Same page’ Warm words, just words Designed to ‘engage’ Our brand! […]

I’ve been to a place where sky meets rock, Where the crimson sunset soaks the dusty crags. I’ve been to a place where the silence breezes on the wind, Where awe and majesty combine. I’ve been to a place which is a thousand cathedrals all in one, Its vast depths embedded with mystery. It is […]

The meaning of myself is ease, silence and joy. This triad dance together rebuffing any desire to work things out, be in control or find the answer. There is no seeking, no wanting, no knowing, only waiting, watching, being. Ease, silence and joy weave together, gently untying the knots of the heart, gently reminding the […]

All-pervading substance; light, impenetrable, yet itself pervading all; immutable, ever present, knowing all, caring for all, cool, detached. Wherever I look there is this substance. Whatever happens takes place in it. It is like light, but it shines through light. It is like air, but is the breath of air. It is like space, but […]

I sing a song of Freedom, A vision of the Free, Where all the World is Smiling And shines Eternally. So pass the baton sweetly, You will receive it well, With Open Arms and Open Heart Like this forever dwell. The pain of death and all the woes Will never linger here. The lightest touch […]

Time says “Let there be” every moment and instantly there is space and the radiance of each bright galaxy. And eyes beholding radiance. And the gnats’ flickering dance. And the seas’ expanse. And death, and chance. Time makes room for going and coming home and in time’s womb begins all ending. Time is being and […]