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Spiral Dynamics: Part I  -Integral Frames Values as Adaptive Responses

An introductory perspective on the way that Spiral Dynamics Integral frames Values as adaptive responses which support us to thrive as life conditions change, by Jon Freeman
Part I :
Part II:  Toolkits for Values-based Change

Awakening , what stage are you at?

Part I: The Awakening Cycle
A guide to different levels of awareness leading up to kinds needed for collaboration, by Jazz Rasool

Part II: The Collaboration Cycle
The cycle of steps people move between when initiating and fostering collaboration, by Jazz Rasool

Public Private Sector Collaboration Based on Work with Kenyan Private Sector

A practical approach to public-private collaboration relevant to government bodies, civil society and business management organisations based on Morel’s work with the Kenyan Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA).


Living a Values-Driven Life at Home and Work

A further evolution in the continuing series of broadcasts featuring Richard Barrett and the work of the Barrett Values Centre. This series focuses on living your values at home and work.

The first programme went out on the 20th March 2015, and you can listen here:

Presentations from previous meetings