A handicap of the modern age
is the need for a leader to be considered a sage
To offer to all answers without a second of thought
It’s as if all the world’s questions have already been wrought.

Our chairman speaks clearly for all to hear
pulling out a small notebook over which to peer
The room goes quiet as his words become clear
‘Be daring’, he says ‘and consider all that is truly dear’

Smiling at his board members whose mouths are akimbo
Storge shuffles in their chair in a state of awkward limbo
Philia raises their head believing not what they hear
Agape raises their hand with a question to clear

The fear in the room uncomfortably teases
an answer from our chairman to say more as he pleases
‘What values have we learned from yesteryear?’
Again the room goes quiet as the words become clear

‘You all know innovation sparks our fire
but only with inclusion will we have the progress we aspire.
Responsibility and honesty must our constant company
In a world seeking a true epiphany.’

‘So the past brings us comfort, certain and sure
but this won’t build our business for all to awe.
For our business to flourish, our products to nourish
They must believe we believe all that we do cherish.
And only then will we have a business never to perish’

by Paul O’Donnell


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