3 Values to Ignite an “Inner Uprising”

By PJ Jackson

Home is where the heart is and during the global shelter-in-place lockdown, it is also where the COVID-19 media barrage seems to leave many of us feeling helpless and disconnected, both personally and professionally. During this time of change, home also is where you can take control of how you deal with this uncertainty, switch your mental channel, and make time to reconnect with the most important person in your life—you.

You have the power to reconnect to self and cause an “inner uprising” that can fuel your life in a positive way. Science tells us that raising your positivity causes your brain to be 31% more productive than at negative, neutral or stressed. A positive self-image is critical for your success, especially as organizations are increasing their need for leaders, managers, and individual contributors equipped with emotional intelligence and self-awareness – essential skills for the future of work in this new normal.

Here are three values to consider that can help you start to discover your true center and to learn how honoring that center will bring positive change to all areas of your life.

Living consciously aware

Being disconnected is the feeling you get when you are living in contracted awareness – like now, with friends, family, and everyday experiences a social distance and a mask away. Contracted awareness occurs when you are disconnected from your true self. You experience mental confusion; you are fearful or angry most of the time or maybe you have shame that you are not living up to other’s expectations. Your energy is depleted, almost as if you are holding your breath. You become very judgmental and resentful. The more you struggle the more you feel trapped. This is the typical outcome when your ego drives your beliefs.

The opposite is expanded awareness, where you are breathing easy and you feel connected to your true purpose in life – imagine a wonderful walk on the beach, your lungs full of that fresh air, your mind open to possibilities. You can recognize your challenges as learning opportunities and let go of your struggles. You display clarity of mind and solutions appear. As your awareness expands you start living consciously aware. You easily move from disconnect to reconnect the more you experience gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. In this state of living consciously aware, you have the power of choice to create your own reality. You can decide how you will live your life. You have created an environment where you can reconnect to self. A place where finding your purpose, believing in yourself, and understanding your worth is now possible. Living consciously aware is an extension of the value of self-love.

Letting go of guilt

The next best step on your path to reconnecting to self is to move from your ego-self to your heart-voice and let go of the guilt around not being enough. All of life can be boiled down into two base emotions, love and fear. Your ego drives the “I” voice in your head that fuels guilt and talks to anger and jealousy, resentment, being a victim and being powerless. Your ego supports the idea that you are separated from everyone else. The soundtrack of childhood becomes the narrative of life, and many of us were socially conditioned as children to believe we were not enough, that we did not matter, that we were worthless. The louder that soundtrack, the more guilty we feel.

You have the power to dismiss that conditioning and know that you were born perfect and complete. The contrast to your ego voice is your heart voice, love. Love is acceptance, is tolerance. It is altruistic. Love is humble and lives in the present. It is the wisdom of peace and freedom, understanding and gratefulness. It is the collective “we” that brings connected happiness to us all. Love knows no guilt. Once you start reconnecting to self and consciously ask yourself questions where you respond with your heart-voice, you start to make decisions from your true self. Only then will you have the ability to let go of guilt and break free from fear and self-doubt. You must let go of guilt to reconnect to your authentic self and then you can soar. Letting go of guilt is the expression of the value of self-compassion.

Spending time in silence

I can imagine right about now you may be asking, “That all sounds great, but how do I get there?” There is a universal truth that says you possess all the knowingness that you need to be successful in life. The world’s noise, the daily hustle and bustle of life, can block you from hearing your authentic self. The third step on your journey and the best way to reconnect to self is to sit in silence and listen to source, the universal energy field of consciousness.

You cannot be the best you until you invest time in you. Self-care is not selfish; it is your source of wellness that protects you from the dis-ease of the world around you. When you start sitting in silence and focusing on you, you will start to feel an inner fire ignite. It may scare you, and you may want to return to the comfort of ignorance. I assure you, if you make a commitment to your self-care, start to live consciously aware and begin to recognize the negative social conditioning of your childhood, you will want to rise up and take charge of your life. Here is a tool I created to start fueling your “Inner-Uprising” called “Circling to Your Center”. This is the same tool I used to navigate my own transformation from self-doubt to knowing I truly have nothing to fear. I believe this tool can help you transform, too.

How to Circle to Your Center? 

Set aside time once a week, or more often, if you can. Find a quiet place, away from distractions – a place that gives you comfort, and solitude. Bring a journal to capture what may arise during your time with yourself. Take in a few deep breaths and let go of the stress of the day. Start by asking these three questions silently to yourself, do not force the answers, spend about 5 minutes per questions. (1.) Who am I? (2.) Am I on the right path? (3.) What do I believe about myself?

Spend time journaling about what you are experiencing; what topics, issues or “soundtracks” are you hearing? Review your journaling periodically, to be aware of your progress. Make conscious choices that move you toward your life’s purpose. Repeat, repeat and then keep repeating until your find your center. This will not happen overnight, but trust me, it will happen!  Spending time in silence is an expression of the value of respect, self-acceptance.

The truth is you feel disconnected because you have not learned how to take control of your personal power. By reconnecting to self, spending time with you, the true you, and circling to your center, your inner strength, an “inner uprising” will increase with each passing day. Honoring that center will bring positive change to all areas of your life, your job, your relationships, and your health. Once you find your center and understand who you are at your core, you will know what you bring to the table. That confidence will continue to fuel your life’s purpose. You will know how much you are capable of; you will understand how to set boundaries that protect your emotional energy. You will also know when it is time to take time for self-care. This type of reconnecting is liberating. You will no longer feel guilty taking time for yourself. Remember, you cannot give from an empty vessel. Spend time reconnecting to self and embracing the values of love, respect, and kindness, only then can you give love, respect, and kindness to others.

About the Author

PJ Jackson melds an engineer’s intellect and an awakened heart, combining a professional background as an Applied Scientist, engineer, and organizational transformation expert to drive change and guide individuals to new heights through expanded awareness. She is the founder of Awaken One Million (AOM), a global campaign to raise the conscious awareness of one million people over the next decade.

Through a series of in-person awakening events, AOM will increase humanity’s harmony one moment at a time through love, kindness, and respect. The pilot event, limited to 100 participants, will take place November 22, 2021, in Washington, DC with a 20,000-attendee launch event slated for 2022.

PJ is a Certified Emergenetics Associate and a Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. She has authored three books: The Labyrinth Influence, Awaken the Wisdom Within (2018); Sophie G. Wanderlin, One of a Kind (2017); and Adventure Day One: 7 Positive Strategies When Life’s Journey Gets Rough (2014).

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