The words were penned (or typed), the poems were shared (or sometimes kept close to heart) and communities all over the world submitted their selected poems for consideration by the Global Poetry Showcase Review Panel. The following four poems were select ed to represent Global Poetry Show Case 2022 in support of World Values Day and we trust you will enjoy them:

Friends Forever!

As we run and dash through life,
We stumble upon some people.
Most met by chance.
But some perhaps are sent our way.

Some become close friends
Whose bond we can’t explain;
The ones who somehow get us
And share our joy and pain.

The bond contains no boundaries.
So, even when apart.
Their presence enhances us
With a warmth felt in the heart.

This bond becomes a passageway,
When even the miles disappear.
These friends sent our way, somehow remain near.


Poet “KU Team, India”

This poem is an ode to the Kindness movement and the great work being done by Kindness Unlimited, an NGO headed by Nirmala Peters-Mehendale. Kindness Unlimited’s journey and work inspired this poem. The poem was created by a group of friends who came together via Kindness Unlimited and is dedicated to Kindness. The poets’ best hope is that people who read the poem will be inspired to imbibe kindness, make real friends, feel the value of kindness, and spread kindness to make this world a better place to live. The group enjoyed making the connection between friendship and kindness: “Our acts of kindness to others create friendships that we cherish forever”

If I Were A Tree

If I were a tree
I would plant my roots
In soil that would Shelter me
Let me grow
Hold me strong
While I become a part
Of a forest of wonders…

Some have said
The only difference
Between people and trees
Is that we have feet
While trees have roots
The advantage being
When we grow tall enough
We can see where we
Have yet to go…

Maybe then
the discovery
That trees do not stand alone
But are a tiny part
Of a larger organism
We know as a forest
Should mean something
For us…?


Poet Susan Picard

Susan is a mother, songwriter, and educator in Victoria, BC, Canada. She is passionate about eco-pedagogy and the interconnectedness of all things. She walks among trees regularly and touches them as a conduit for prayers, believing in the power of their reach despite their rootedness.

be bought; cannot be sold:
the value of
friendship, by weight, is more precious
than gold


Poet Oliver Noonday

“I have recently embraced poetry after joining the writing community on Twitter, where, encouraged by the daily cinquain prompts of @AlexPriceWriter, I have been inspired to write my own. My poem carries a simple message: those who are richest in life are those fortunate to have the love of family and friends”. Oliver is a charity bookseller from Surrey, UK, currently seeking
representation for his debut middle-grade novel Bring Me the Mind of Oscar Brown. Oliver is @Olivernoonday on Twitter.

Right Now


Poet Katrina Hille

Katrina is the daughter of an immigrant, first generation American, and proud US Army veteran. She has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst since 2009, and has shared her passion for Autism Awareness and Behavior Analysis with Southern New Mexico since 2010. She is happy to be back with Mariposa Autism Service Center as their Director of Autism Services. In both her personal and professional life, she believes in diversity, equality, inclusion and advocacy at all levels.Katrina believes in open communication, and prides herself in being informal, yet informed. We hope that you will reach out to her with questions, concerns, and suggestions so that we can collaborate in meaningful ways. You may contact her“I was inspired to do this poem, not just because I like participating in company challenges, but because I love sharing our work with my own family. My daughter has a subscription to Kids National Geographic, and when we were looking through the magazine together, that one page caught my eye as something inspirational.”

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