Dr Prabodh Mistry has been an environmental consultant for over 30 years and involved in many R&D projects. His interest in values began over 20 years ago, when he volunteered to help teachers develop character development programmes for primary and secondary schools in the UK, culminating in serving as a Director and Chair of Governors at a school that incorporated values education. In the last few years, he began analysing values in a structured way that would lend to mathematical modelling and thereby commercial applications in healthcare and education sectors. On Valentine’s Day, 14th February 2023 Prab shared an approach based on Love and Truth that enables the education of human values and teaching good behaviour.  You can also see this 6-minutes video https://youtu.be/gyqbeDr_1cE

Global Values Alliance has an ambition to create greater authenticity all over the world by placing values at the heart of society.  It is a ‘hub’ for all members of the global values community, enabling connection, collaboration and action.  Whether you are already doing great values work with an organization, community or network, or are simply curious about the topic of values, please join us Join Us | Global Values Alliance

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