In a world where chaos often reigns,
And differences cause endless pains,
There’s a day we hold so dear,
To remind us why we’re here.

On World Values Day, we unite as one,
To celebrate what can’t be undone,
For values are the ties that bind,
In the vast tapestry of humankind.

Like Robbie and Gary once did say,
In their lyrics, they found a way,
To express the truths we hold so tight,
Guiding us through both day and night.

Values are the compass of our soul,
Helping us reach our ultimate goal,
Love, kindness, empathy, and trust,
In these virtues, we put our faith and thrust.

In a world that sometimes seems so cold,
Our values shine like precious gold,
They bridge the gaps that divide,
And in unity, we take pride.

So let us come together today,
In the most harmonious and heartfelt way,
To cherish the values that light our path,
And find the love that forever will last.

In celebration of World Values Day,
We stand together, come what may,
For it’s in our values, strong and true,
That we find the strength to see us through.

By Chat GPT

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