Ground In Your Values to Reduce Stress and Ignite Alignment Now

By MaryBeth Hyland

After 18 months of uncertainty, many of us thought there was a light at the end of the tunnel that’s now harder to find. The combination of work, home, health, and global unrest ignites fear – and stress is sure to follow.

Seventy-seven percent of Americans are reporting that they’re completely burnt out.

My coaching sessions are flooded with people suffering from burnout, stress, loss of healthy boundaries, and desperate for practical guidance on how to live with greater purpose, energy, and intention. We’ve lost the connection to ourselves and the power that we have by going within. And I believe that we have the power to change those dynamics in our lives.

Following the release of my book Permission to Be Human: The Conscious Leader’s Guide to Creating a Values-Driven Culture, I’ve been interviewed on TV and podcasts, asked to write expert opinion articles, and partner with organizations around one thing: How to reduce stress so people can feel well again.

It’s simple, but not easy.

So how can we do that? Enter: Core Values!

When you know them, your core values can be the grounding force that eliminates those feelings of overwhelm so that you can serve yourself and those around you from a place of wellbeing and personal alignment.

Whether you realize it or not, you are a walking, talking, living, loving, breathing set of values. When those values are violated you feel disconnected and stressed, when they’re activated you feel in alignment and alive!

We often aren’t stressed because we’re doing too much—we’re stressed because we’re doing too little of what aligns with our values. From the experiences that make us come alive to the people who make us cringe, our values define what we stand for in life.

So when you intentionally activate your core values, incredible power, energy, and freedom become possible for you with ease and grace.

You may be thinking that sounds great but have no idea where to start.

Here’s the first step: Know your personal values. Get clear on the words that describe your strongest intrinsic motivation—the pieces of your internal compass that drive you and give you a sense of aliveness.

Where do we begin? Refer to the values list below. Select 1-3 of these that drive you in this season of life. They are unshakably who you are and more you feel a sense of energy when they’re activated in you. And if one of your values isn’t listed, no problem – just add it in.

Once you’ve gotten clear on which core values you want to ground in, start by defining what they mean to you personally. Not what google says, but what you say about them.

Ask yourself: Who or what experiences instilled this value in me? How has this value shown up in my life?  Where might I be able to activate this value more intentionally? Where might I celebrate this value in action?  Who in my life could support my embodiment of this value?

Values have the power to be a definitive compass in every decision we make. When our behavior matches our values, life feels good.

So what are some promises you could make to yourself to activate your values on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so that you can reconnect with yourself and your wellbeing?

One of my favorite ways to activate my value of unity with nature is using an if-then policy. If a meeting gets canceled, then I go spend time in nature. Because I live in the city, that is usually a walk to my nearby park and back. While I’m there, I make a point to admire the trees and critters running around, take in the fresh air, and sometimes even take my shoes off and plant my feet in the earth for some grounding. So if an hour long meeting gets canceled, I take a fifteen-minute walk in nature and still have forty-five more minutes to get back to work with greater clarity and focus after connecting with the wisdom of Mother Nature.

Another way to be more intentional about activating your values is by scheduling time in your calendar just like you would any other important meeting. Think about those moments that make you feel the most alive and schedule time to make them happen again.

Start small and meet yourself where you are at, not where you want to be. Taking a little action each day to activate your core values can bring more connection, peace, happiness and abundance in your life.

When your lifestyle reflects your values, everyday is filled with purpose.

About the Author:

 As the founder and chief visionary of SparkVision and author of Permission to Be Human: The Conscious Leader’s Guide to Creating a Values-Driven Culture, MaryBeth Hyland knows that extraordinary success is rooted in the vision, values, and culture crafted by purpose-driven leaders and their tribe. With over a decade of experience built on knowledge from a BA in social work and an MS in nonprofit management, she is recognized for her ability to guide individuals and teams to know, own, and live their values.

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