How the value of listening with compassion helps our world

By John Dougherty When we think of values, do we value listening with an open heart and with compassion? When we listen with the compassion of our heart and soul, we are honoring what others are saying. Where is their story coming from? Are they healing (as most of us are)? Are they growing and have a need to be heard and not judged? The pandemic separated us to keep us safe, safe from the virus but not safe from isolation and loneliness. We found ways to see and hear each other, but were we really listening? Surface listening, when we really did not pay attention to what others were saying and certainly not listening with an attuned heart. What happens post COVID, post COVID Delta? Can we learn to listen with an open heart, with compassion? Yes, we can! Our compassion in listening will bring moments of clarity, moments of peace, moments of unconditional Love. Not only will our actions bring positive outcomes for those we are listening to, but I dare say, listening with compassion grows our own internal Love for all of humanity.

“Art by John Dougherty”

  Instead of a casual “how are you?” as we pass by, stop and truly ask “How Are You?” and open your compassionate heart to listen to the answer. When someone is heard, when their story can be told, when their voice is acknowledged, it lifts their spirit. Sometimes this awareness is immediate in the casual and sometimes quick conversation and other times it is recognized later in the day or following days. But it is always realized either consciously or subconsciously by the individual who was the recipient of a compassionate listener. Through the value of listening with compassion, we continually bring a positive and vibrant spirit throughout our world. Poetry can be a tool to help us discover our ability to listen with our emotional hearing, with our compassionate hearing with our heart of hearing. When we read poetry, we place ourselves into the mind of the poet to listen and understand what is being said. The feelings and emotions put into the words come out in our own mind and heart. As a poem is read; What do we hear? What do we feel? As a person is talking to us and we are listening with compassion; What do we hear? What do we feel? When we use our value of listening with compassion, others are heard. This act of listening with compassion will change hearts and minds and open doors of peace and understanding. Our world changes with these acts of genuinely listening to others and helping them feel valued as a person, as a human spirit. This act of listening with compassion is truly an act of Love. There is no greater gift than an act of Love. Our lives can be challenging, and our time can be viewed as precious. We tell ourselves; I do not have time to listen or rather, we choose not to listen. Our choice, Our value to listen with compassion is a decision we each make each day. By choosing a values-driven approach to our lives will offer those around us to see the positive spirit in our world. Nothing and Nowhere “What are you doing?” “Nothing.” “Where are you going?” “Nowhere.” How do you do nothing? How do you get to nowhere? Everyone has a story. Their nothing, says everything. Their nowhere, says where they have been. Nothing, translates to; “I am not heard.” Nowhere, translates to “I am not seen.” Hidden treasures in Nothing and Nowhere, they are Something and Somewhere. Can you hear their Nothing? Can you see their Nowhere? Be there for someone today. About The Author

John Dougherty is a poet and published author, “Always, Always, Lead with Love”. An inspirational message to help guide oneself to a higher calling of unconditional Love. A challenge to all humans to always choose a Love response and not give into hate. Be the Love you want to see in others, and yourself, and help bring peace to all corners of our universe.

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