Does big business support community values? Most people would say it’s a mixed picture. By Tom Rausch Corporations spend significant financial resources in advertising, marketing, and public relations to convince us that they only have our best interests in mind with their products and services. In the United States, for example, many of the largest […]

When business over-promises and under-delivers on their corporate values, they devalue society. By Theran Knighton-Fitt I want to tell you about company X. They lied about their company values. They over-promised and under-delivered on their brand. I won’t tell you what company it was. (I’m not in the business of trying to pull others down.) […]

The theme for this year’s World Values Day is Values for Community. Our values guide us to understand the good from the not so good, the right from the not so right. By Minal Kering They are the principles that we use to define and live our lives on. These chosen values help us make […]

Inspiring one million values-led conversations By Alan Williams and Lisa Birtles This blog series for the month of October in support of World Values Day 2021 started with our blog about the launch of the ValuesJam card game on 1st October so it seems fitting to close the series with an overview of the past […]

How community builds resilience By Chandima Dutton Someone recently asked me what I’d learned about resilience during the pandemic. One word came to mind immediately: Community.  The word itself is from the Latin ‘communis’, having the same root as the word ‘communication’. For me, community is about social connection with purpose.  Why is social connection […]

Reconnecting with your Values through Sophrology By Liz Murphy I was delighted to learn that the World Values Day campaign this year would be focusing on the theme of ‘reconnecting’. What a wonderful topic to explore! As a Sophrologist and Executive Director of the Sophrology Academy, I work a lot with personal values as a […]

The 5 dimensions of the INNER CORE By Rooks Moodley As we reflect on World Values Day in October 2021,  Leading from WITHIN is a leadership approach that is necessary to navigate through the Global COVID 19 Pandemic. How do leaders remain effective and efficient with the change taking place at such a rapid rate […]

Develop values your employees can embrace and live by By Jenn Lim Putting happiness and humanity at the forefront of our work systems is the mission of Jenn Lim, CEO and co-founder of Delivering Happiness, and the author of Beyond Happiness: How Authentic Leaders Prioritize Purpose and People for Growth and Impact. Jenn champions purpose […]

Surely, it would go a long way to build our immunity against the virus of hate. By Evita David It’s been more than a year that we have been living with the Coronavirus. While several countries have started reopening schools and offices, many others, including my country, India, are still hesitant. In the fight against […]