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Welcome to the launch of the Global Poetry Showcase in support of World Values Day 2021.

This is an opportunity for people in communities all over the world to express thoughts, feelings, wishes and dreams about how we can ‘recover’ from the pandemic period.

Join with others in your community (school, family, club, company, street, village, church, group etc) to apply your creative energy into poetic words, art, movement or sound – in written, performed or digital formats.

The theme is reCONNECTING with VALUES

Just express yourself in poetry!

This inclusive, community-based event starts now. It culminates with World Values Day 2021 celebrations in October and continues forward for a year. This is a Showcase rather than a competition so please strive to include people from all backgrounds and groups as well as providing relevant assistance where needed – this guide might help.


Register your interest to receive:

  • Pdf guide on how to write to poems, topics etc and how to enter them into the showcase platform via a link.
  • Details of the launch events.
  • Link to pay the £25 recommended donation to cover the cost of submission. Your donation might be more or less than £25. Whatever you decide is enough. NB all contributors so far have volunteered their time and skill. All proceeds will be reinvested in developing the Global Poetry Showcase.

Attend the Global Poetry Showcase Meet ups for creative tips and techniques for all categories GLOBAL POETRY SHOWCASE MEET & GREET Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

Invite members of your community to submit poems to you.

Collect the poems between now and the 30th September submission date (create your own Google slide or other platform/method).

In September, choose the 5 poems you would like to submit to the Poet Review Panel by the 30th September submission date.

Use the link to the Global Poetry Showcase Submissions Google slide to request access.

Read the short community guidelines. Agree by clicking ‘viewer only’ and ‘request access’.

Check your email and when approved, enter your 5 poems. Put them on ONE Google slide by midnight Thursday 30th September (BST) with your community name, region and country. The categories are as follows for ‘page’ submissions (written word and can be accompanied by artwork):

  1. Pre-school
  2. Primary
  3. Secondary
  4. Further Education
  5. Adult

Collect and use your community poems (inc performance and on social media) during the month of October to celebrate World Values Day and use #WorldValuesDay #GlobalPoetryShowcase #RECONNECTING #values #poetry

The Poets Review Panel identifies a diverse selection of poems for each category. The ‘favourites’ will be published on and on 21st October 2021 and then further sets of poems selected by the Review Panel will be published each month from November 2021 to September 2022.

Please make sure the poems you submit abide by the Rules to avoid disappointment as no exceptions can be made.

Enjoy the Poetry Showcase and we look forward to receiving your poems!


If you have a question about the Global Poetry Showcase, check this list of
Frequently Asked Questions. If your query is not answered, please contact
us and we will do our best to answer your question.

Q: How do I progress through to the ‘Review and Pay’ stage of the online entry process?
A: Once you have registered at and paid the submission fee of £25, you will receive a link to your Global Poetry Showcase Google slides.

Q: I have already entered once, paying £25. Does this mean I can enter again?
A: Each ‘community’ can enter a maximum of five poems chosen from those received. You can enter again with two different communities eg school and company

Q: I am entering online. Do I need an entry form / to post you anything?
A: As you go through the online entry process the website will ask you for all of the information we will need in the event that your poem is selected (name, address, telephone number etc).

Q: Why does the text of my poem appear different on the preview page?
A: If your poem contains particularly long lines, this might affect how it appears in the preview, depending on your web browser. Text might run on to subsequent lines to fit the poem into your browser window. The Poet Review Panel will be aware of this and will know to look out for run-on lines. If stanza (verse) breaks are not displaying in the preview, you might need to insert double spaces in order to preserve them. This will not affect the review of your poem.

Q: Why aren’t there any identifying marks on the poem preview?
A: These will be added later. A simple code is added to the poem so that the winner can be identified.

Q: Can I enter by post?
A: This is an online only process. If you’re unable to enter online, please email us at for further assistance.

Q: Do line spaces between stanzas count as part of the 32 line limit? What about titles, epigraphs and dedications?
A: The thirty two line limit applies only to the written lines of the poem, not the lines between stanzas. Titles, epigraphs and dedications are not counted as lines either.

Q: Can I make changes after my poem has been submitted?
A: Changes cannot be made to poems after they have been submitted (see rule number 6).

Q: Are simultaneous submissions allowed?
A: You may submit your poem to other competitions or publications at the same time you submit it to the Global Poetry Celebration on the understanding that if your poem is selected you will immediately withdraw it from elsewhere. However, to avoid complications, we would strongly recommend you do not do this. If your poem wins another competition or is published before our winners have been announced please let us know (refunds will not be made).

Q: How will you know which poems are mine if I don’t write my name on them?
A: Poems are coded by administrative staff so that they can be judged as anonymous works and then married back to your entry form once the Poet Review Panel have made their decision.

Q: If my poem is a few more than 32 lines, will it be disqualified?
A: Yes. Poems longer than thirty two lines are not eligible to be selected for the Global Poetry Celebration.

Q: Can I use a pen name?
A: You may, although all entries are made anonymous before they are seen by the judges. When the selected poems are chosen, we will check how they wish to be referred to when their poems are published on social media, in press releases and on the Global Values Alliance and World Values Day websites.

Q: Must entries be unpublished?
A: Yes. Poems that have already been published are not eligible to win the Global Poetry Celebration.

Q: Does having a poem on my own blog, Twitter or Facebook page count as website publication?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I enter a revision of my first poem as a second entry?
A: No.

Q: I accidentally submitted the wrong poem. Can I switch it?
A: The rules state that alterations cannot be made to poems once they have been submitted. This counts as an alteration. Make sure you submit the correct poem.

Q: Can you check you received my poem?
A: Online entries will be confirmed by email shortly after you submit. Global Values Alliance or World Values day representatives will not be able to assist further so please do not make contact by telephone or email to ask if your entry has arrived.

Q: Can you check that the poem I entered is the one I intended to enter?
A: The competition generally receives many poems and we cannot go through these to find a specific entrant’s work.

Q: Since entering my poem to the Global Poetry Celebration my poem has won another competition / been published elsewhere. What should I do?
A: Congratulations! Please contact us to let us know (refunds cannot be made).

Q: Do poems need to be in an established poetic forms (sonnets, villanelle, roundel etc.)?
A: Of the large number of poems that will be entered into the celebration, we expect a very, very small fraction of them to be written strictly in an established form. However, the celebration welcomes all entries, whatever their structure, form or rhyme scheme.

Q: When will the selected poems be announced?
A: We expect to announce the selected poems by early October. Please check back to the Global Values Alliance website once the competition has closed for further details / specific dates.

Q: Some competitions sift the entries before they send them to the judges. Will the Poet Review Panel of the Global Poetry Celebration definitely see my poem?
A: Yes. This is the reason that we are asking for a maximum of five poems to be submitted from a ‘community’ (e.g. school, organisation, club, neighbourhood etc). The Poet review Panel will read all entries submitted for the Celebration.


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